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I have put together a group of coders, builders, others for creating a Forgotten Realms. DnD 3ed Based MUD. If you are interested in more specifics, feel free to e-mail me, or if you use IRC get on /server and join #ROM. Read about benefits at the bottom of this post. Web site currently is (under construction) 3ed DnD with some ADnD enhancements and other RP stuff. Server is 4000 . The codebase is modified Rom2.4b6, with alot of additions.
The information on available positions are:

Coder(s): Coders will be asked to code different things needed for the feel and theme. Some requests will be made, a list of needed codes will be made, all coders would hopefully be able to get together to throw around some ideas and such. Most ideas are already written, so if you like the idea of a challenge in trying to program something from a thought with a few guidelines, that's what we'd like. All coders that qualify get thier OWN shell to work on, and modify as needed for thier project.

Builder(s): Trying to get some builders for input of what is needed for OLC, etc etc. Builders will be asked to make atleast 1 requested type of area (when operational), and allowed 1 original area (that fits into the world). General areas are also needed like forest, desert, plains, etc (5x5). All ideas are welcome. Knowledge of Forgotten Realms settings a Plus. I have maps and documents on cities and indepth detail of area's. Will discuss changes and further if interested.

Questmaster(s): I'm really interested in meeting with a couple to go over some ideas so a nice RP can be added into the game. Quests will be indepth and players will be incouraged to join an "adventure party" and they will be run through quests on a group by group basis. Area's and objects will be made for such quests. And each quest will be ran once in a while and no character can go through the same quest twice.

Other(s): Other positions/needs will be met as people reply with ideas of what may be needed.

Benefits: This goes as follows, any major contributing person will AUTOMATICALLY be givin an IMM/GODship. These will play on the RP as well, as the GOD will be named after an existing patron. All contributors will receive credit for work they have done. Other benefits will come as needed.

Any questions, feel free to e-mail or swing on to telnet://

Please don't reply to the post that has nothing to do with what I'm asking for. This is to include D20 or any copywrite stuff.
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Old 06-04-2002, 12:00 AM   #2
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I would love to help you out on this "MUD", im not a very experieced coder, or builder for that matter, but im learning.

The thing I would helpful with would be Design, I have been playing AD&D for sometime, and could help you with storyline, Quests, things like that and willing to take time to come up with idea's.

So if you are interested, you can leave me a message at
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Old 06-13-2002, 01:19 PM   #3
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Still acceptioning people for builder positions.
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