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It is that time of year again where I repeat the whole load about leaves falling, colors changing and we all move off to a happier place. Well, I have been too busy to write anything very pretty, so bare with me as I fumble through this review of news.

First, affiliates of AMRO and UCMM who have listings from before July and have not updated thier listings, can now online via new databases I installed for each network. You need your website URL before you can update your entry. It is just best to look at your listing to get the URL I used if you do not know.

Second, the World IMC Network is no longer in existance and therefore has been archived on MudWorld. The IMC2 network standing is now called Mud2Mud. M2M is ran by Trax, I picked him myself and he was President of the World IMC Network during the end of my control of the IMC2 network when I decided to give Trax total control. Mud2Mud is an affiliate of MudWorld, it is listed in AMRO.

Third, Ack!MUD Alliance has moved off MudWorld to its President's, Ecclesia, server. You can find it via AMRO as well.

Forth, we have gotton some new affiliates. In AMRO we have RPG Gateway, Kyndig.Com, CoffeeMUD and obviously Mud2Mud, replacing the World IMC Network listing. In UCMM we have Mercerator and Aftershock. TMJ's Role Players' Universe is tied into RPG Gateway, check out TMJ for details. As always, TMJ is looking for articles!

Fifth, Icculus (Mud Connector) and I have gotten together on a project envolving MSRP. MSRP will be advertised on TMC in hopes to draw more of the job and host markets which may be interested in some free advertising.

For the event, you can now see what the most recent posts are for each area of MSRP on the MSRP index and soon on TMC. PHP code was provided by Kyndig and JavaScript was provided by Icculus. I did the Perl work myself. I am going to have nightmares about it for a long time. Expect two more databases to go up in MSRP before years end.

Ever wanted to be interviewed? Well now you can interview yourself for MudWorld. Goto the Interview section of Articles and at the bottom of the page utilize the questionaire, submittable online!

Got Codebases? MudWorld has released ResortMUD 4.0 Beta Revision 1, thanks to Senir and Fellon, and Calarey 2.0. You can find these codebases at the ResortMUD website at MudWorld.

Want some freebies? MudWorld offers its affiliates a discussion forum for thier site as well as a WebRing, news services and such... If you are interested, contact me!

Immortal University SMAUG classes have filled up. If we can dig up a few more teachers, we can open more classes. Other codebases seeking educators and students include Circle and RoM. Check out ImmU at MudWorld today!

Finally... MABC is looking for a people interested in joining thier Internet radioexchange program. What happens is a MU* or related source submits some commercials for thier place and in exchange they place a button on thier website or a mention in thier MU*s greeting. The commercials then get downloaded and played on air via member stations. Check out the AudioRealm section of AMRO for a link details.

One last thing... Mud Companion #4 should make it to subscriber's homes soon, patience is a virtue! If you did not get issue #3 for delivery reasons, it may be with issue #4.

I think this is enough news for now... Thank you and ciao!
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