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Old 07-09-2003, 08:25 AM   #21
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Originally Posted by (jediwannabe @ July 09 2003,15:34)
well the post was removed but theyre at least talking about it on their forum.  Even the owner is complaining about the rules.  I just dont see why the rules aren't enforced on TMS.;t=3493
Hm, highly suspicious. They're not even denying it!

How can a mud that had 3 players on when i logged on manage to get 400+ votes?
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Originally Posted by
well the post was removed but theyre at least talking about it on their forum. Even the owner is complaining about the rules. I just dont see why the rules aren't enforced on TMS.
If you want me to do something about it you need to email me with proof - I don't necessarily read all the threads. I simply don't have time (or the inclination) to spend all day searching muds based on peoples' speculations and suspicions.

As far as the Turning Point issue is concerned, if the same players are voting via different IPs, then that is against the rules. If they continue this, their account on the ranking list will be suspended.

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Now that I can reply here... I really wanted to earlier, but my account wasn't activated yet. Obviously, it is now.

I wanted to show you how I've addressed the concerns brought up by jediwannabe. I just posted this to our own forums, which most of our players read.

Also, I'm sorry if folks have only seen 3 and 6 players on at a time. In the evenings we average around 20-30 online. I also just ran the following:

# grep -h Email * | sort -u | grep @ | wc
   286     573    8102

So, we do have about 286 unique email addresses out of about 2000 player files. We do have a few players out there, I'm sure that isn't as many as many other muds though.

My messages to the players on our boards are quoted here:

Originally Posted by
Okay, I just sent a message to the owner of Top Mud Sites. I apologized for voting from multiple machines/IPs... for the record I only voted from two machines and IPs, except for once when I voted from the machine itself.

Anyway, in my message to him I let him know that I was unaware of the rules regarding voting until they were just recently pointed out to me. I also said that while I do not agree with his rule about voting from multiple machines/IPs, I do respect it as it is his system of voting.

And finally, I asked him to specify the voting from one machine on the entrance screen where you vote.

Anyway, from this point forward, PLEASE REVIEW THEIR RULES AND FOLLOW THEM.

Thanks folks... and since I can't actually respond to the thread over on their forums, if anyone is reading from there... Hi folks!
I also followed that one up after reading the rules a second time with:

Originally Posted by
Also... PLEASE NOTE EVERYONE: _IF_ we find out that anyone is disobeying the rules of Top Mud Sites, then we WILL DENY, and possible BAN your characters. They can provide us with your IP address patterns and the like if it looks like cheating, which are easy for us to cross reference in our logs. If they've defined an action as cheating, then it will only HURT us not to be listed there.

I'm very glad that everyone is being very deligent about voting every 12 hours, it is the only way that folks will hear about us and come to give us a try, which can hopefully increase the playerbase, which can be nothing but a good thing if they all like to Roleplay. Sooooo, keep up the voting, just make sure you're following their rules! THANKS!
Hopefully this will address any concerns. If it doesn't, please feel free to follow up here.

Thank you, and my apologies.
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You aren't the only ones who weren't aware of the rules change - and changed policy when informed.
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