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At Adventures Unlimited we pride ourselves in providing a world that is mostly original and themed appropriately for a medieval high fantasy mud (Rom 2.4b6 - encouraged roleplay). The world is named Tharel (as is the main continent, more continents will be developed over time). The statistics of the world are as follows:

Total Areas : 141
Original Areas : 120
Stock Areas : 21

Total Rooms : 10275
Original Rooms : 7786
Stock Rooms : 2489

Total Mobile Prototypes: 3990
Total Object Prototypes: 6604

Our poll data that was recently posted also contained two questions regarding the land of Tharel. The rating average number is calculated using a weighted average and the two numbers in parentheses are the high and low vote for the poll.

Poll Question 4: How developed is the land of Tharel?
Rating Average: 8.05 (5, 10)
Total Votes: 43

Poll Question 8: Is the rate of world development fast enough?
Rating Average: 7.73 (4, 10)
Total Votes: 41

So as you can see, the builders on Adventures Unlimited have been busy during the five years the game has been open. We are 75.7% original per the room count above (this estimate is conservative due to the number of rewritten rooms that have not been counted as original). Also we have obtained rates of 8.05 and 7.73 from our player base regarding world development.

Losing interest in the advertisement? Log into Adventures Unlimited and try it out.
telnet: port 5000

Player Comments
The list below contains the responses from the players and staff when asked about their favorite place in Tharel:

Esithae - My favorite place in Tharel is the Gardens in Terrason. They are an exceptional place to set the mood for an RP between friends. Even though it's a bit of a walk from Naerlan, it's definitely worth it for the atmosphere.

Felicia - Kates Diner is my favorite place. Just north of Trickster's Way and overlooking the River Gar'dain, it is close to the center of the city of Naerlan, which is the social center of Tharel, but that's not why I love it. The reason that is my favorite place is because of all the things that have happened, there, in the past few years, decades in game time. People I have met there, conversations and pranks... that place has a history for me, completely separate from what it is.

Mordrath - With Mordrath sitting on the peak of the Stone Spire and staring at the stars while he was still climbing through achievements in the temple of Asteri. Dreaming of the day that he would walk among them and learn the secrets he was so sure existed.

Thorf - My favorite area is Reskel. It's a small and simple area, but I liked doing the quest to help the King out, and eventually help the evil killer in the basement who gives you a prize.

Quililia - Quililia's most favorite place is Dragon Point. To hear the winds howl as they blow across the cliff's face and watching the waves from the ocean crash upon the rocks below makes her feel close to her god Elbar.

Thanteros - I like Mercy's healing shrine, it's a place where a player opened her custom home to the world, and we all sit there to heal and chat while healing. It has the cozy fireplace, food, and drink, along with lots of lower level players (and a few higher level ones).

Ivellios - Terrasson is probably one of my favroite because of RP type things. The garden there with the snowroses is cool.(but you cant bloodly take them!*fpound)
Note from Ytrewtsu - This guy is a member of the clan called Snowrose.

Anja - One of my favorite spots is the Summit of the Star Spire. It's a wonderful place to lay back, consider the stars and the universe and your place in it. And it's also far enough off the beaten path that people don't keep stumbling over you, so you have time and seclusion enough for deep thoughts.

Seluril - I always love to walk with a friend into the gazebo in Khetes. It has a lockable door and thus makes for really great conversations without fearing disturbance. The gazebo itself lies in a beautiful park which also has lots of animals in the bushes, trees and air.

Korisi - Il'Kaethe....It has an icewine fountain. That was a crucial part of my RP for a week, not to mention Sir Mehan is infamous in my mind, as are other parts of that area. Good for Personal RP, hard to take people there.

Isis - Isis likes the more quiet spots..most often near the frost giant camp up on the peak, she'll sit and write or stare at the stars. She likes the waterfall by Manth..fairly secluded..Another of her favorite spots is Asteri's temple, though she doesnt belong to it anymore, it still holds a place in her heart.

Runvis - Sorry i cant pick just one. there are so many great locations and areas throughout Tharel.

Isthiel - My favourite place in Tharel is Manthalaras. A trail leads through the forest, the path ruined and abandoned, the faintest hint of smoke in the air. Around the last corner, a village appears: the gates ruined, the houses aflame, swarms of drow and driders filling the streets... and beyond the fires, the rip that connects the realm of nightmares to the ruins of an elven village.

Mirein - I would have to say my favorite area in Tharel would be southern Terrason. It is such an advanced, developed area with great libraries, gardens, great halls and much more. It is a great place to RP and is beautifully written. The gardens are very detailed and the great halls inspire my character.

Rethe - Well.. MY favorite place has to be Homanu's (or Misty's before that, works either way.) Me and that bench have become very good friends over the years.

Seramine - I like to spend a lot of time in Jirah's temple, either with the healer RPing with templemates or in the meditation chambers, gazing at the beautiful painting of Jirah and meditating....Sometimes Seramine's mind gets tons more quiet time than I do.

Serpentia - The Naerlan graveyard is a quiet and nice little place close to the hustle and bustle without actually being in it. It has a nice somber mood and the ravens sitting in the huge dead tree near the misty algae-infested pond are a nice touch indeed.

Cherish - I would have to say.. the stage in the Autumn Intersection in Khetes.. is my most favorite place. The performing juggler.. the violinist.. they give so much to that area for an rp feeling. I've had many beautiful and fun moments in rp there, some that I will never forget.

Did you make it all the way through? Please log in and try out Adventures Unlimited.
telnet: port 5000

Thank you for reading our advertisement. We would love to have you as a player.

Implementor and Owner of Adventures Unlimited
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