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Alter Aeon
Ansalon MUD

RankTop MUD SitesHits InHits Out
1 Big enough to have a real community, small enough to still care. Constant innovation. Detailed and extensive academy. Real-time line of sight overhead map, realistic world system, several hundred players online, hundreds of features, pure and simple fun. 1701 1097
2 Played by thousands of people worldwide, GemStone IV is the largest and longest running massively multiplayer text-based game ever. Experience our rich roleplaying environment and exciting combat, profession, and magic systems for yourself! 995 913
3 High-fantasy, original codebase, full-time professional staff. Roleplaying backed by strong mechanics in a player-run world. Become a Dragon, dominate our legendary PvP, sail the high seas, get rich through trade and crafting, lead a religion, and more. 980 426
4 Official MUD based on the New York Times-bestselling books by Raymond Feist. Create a cult to the gods, establish a spanning trade empire, lead your nation's armies into battle against your enemies, or even rise to become Witch-king of the Northlands! 892 192
5 Rated #1 non-commercial MUD in the world by Total PC Gaming magazine. Discworld combines the richness of Pratchett's novels with a deeply detailed game world. Under constant development since 1992 - like a fine wine, we've only gotten better with age. 759 153
6 Realms of Despair is the ever growing home of the SMAUG codebase. Completely free, RoD offers over 150 original, unique areas and offers rp, pk, a multitude of guilds, orders, clans, sects, and nation based organizations. RoD has something for everyone. 722 270
7 Experience a fragile world ravaged by war. A unique setting, highly tactical and ever-changing player combat, innovative classes, and more. Become a city leader, a renowned tactician, rich merchant, or start your own religion - the choices are endless! 589 124
8 From Iron Realms Entertainment! This incredible MUD includes over 600 quests, 700+ abilities/spells, intense PvP combat, customizeable player governments, dynamic economy, and an emphasis on extra-planar travel. Free to play! 495 100
9 Zalanthas: a harsh low-technology desert where settlements and shelter are few and far between, and once you're within the walls, you may not actually be any safer. Over two decades old, this Roleplay Intensive MUD is free to play. New website! 472 77
10 Free & online since 1993, WOTmud is a *remarkably* complex, challenging and immersive MUD, set in Robert Jordan's fantasy "Wheel of Time" universe. The PK is fierce, and roleplay is as realistic and exciting as possible. Try us out today! 467 178

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11 A vast, detailed fantasy world where playerkilling is encouraged, roleplay is a requirement. Battle between heroes of Law and Chaos, Good and Evil, rages throughout the night. Experience the whirlwind! All 100% FREE! 450 123
12 Enter a world where men can be beasts, vampires prey upon mortals, and even simple reality may be mere lies. Complex PvP, mature roleplaying environment, intricate crafting and class system. Free to play! 407 144
13 Demanding roleplay, strong guilds, advanced economics, deadly politics, and in depth religion. Unique ships offering weapons, pirates, whaling, and deep sea fishing. Join a merchant caravan, a sea armada, or tip an ale in the tavern in our FREE World! 369 422
14 The most complex and highly-developed MUD, evolving since 1996. Advanced combat, magic, & skill systems, unique guilds & races. Craft gear, open a shop, own a home, explore for hours. Hundreds playing in a rich world of intrigue, law & lawlessness. 350 257
15 Founded in 1990, BatMUD is the leading LPMUD on the Internet. A fantasy/medieval themed, lasting experience with an incredibly rich Realm. Also offers a highly customizable game client. Play for free w/ hundreds of others on-line. Constantly developed. 341 64
16 Adventure, politics and war await you in this life of swords, sorcery, deception, and honor. With 16 diverse, balanced classes, 200+ unique areas, deep RP, limited items, and xp-based PK, we've expanded, adapted, and improved for 15+ years. 100% free! 305 74
17 Where Roleplay and Tactics Collide! Roleplay required, roleplay rewarded. Unique quests, enormous map and one-of-a-kind areas. No global channels. Free to play for 15 years. Website help and forums available. 299 95
18 Come join in on the fun at Black Sands MUD. We are an immersive role-play required RPI that features a world set into darkness by an oppressive army of undead tar covered Mora. We are blind-player friendly. 284 127
19 We have 24 races and 7 classes initially available, and over 200 *unique* areas to explore. Our family-friendly player community, from all ages and walks of life, makes it *the* place to find life-long friends! 272 91
20 A cross between a medieval and renaissance world, centered around six elemental religions. Featuring a one-of-a-kind merchant system, encouraged pvp, and a rich environment where role-play is strictly enforced. Free to play! 271 171