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Name of MUD Dragon's Gate
Date MUD Opened January 1989
Web Page
Admin Name Mothership Games
Admin Email
Geographical Location USA
Primary Language English
Codebase Custom
Category Medieval Fantasy
Theme Swords, sorcery and intrigue
Status Fully Operational
World Originality All Original
World Size Huge (10001-20000 rooms)
Average Players Online 51-75
Playerkilling Restricted Playerkilling
Roleplaying Encouraged
Features   Pay-per-play
Saves Equipment at Exit
Playerkilling Allowed
Description Your torch flickers desperately a final time before it burns out, leaving you suddenly very cold and very alone in the vast darkness. A strange overwhelming stench of death and decay is all around you, and within the shadows you feel the eyes of something watching. Insidious laughter fills the air, a horrible mocking laughter that sends shivers up your spine and leaves your legs frozen in abject terror. The air pressure in the room drops alarmingly as the massive creature in the shadows begins to fill its lungs. Your brain cries out for you to run but your legs refuse to respond. Suddenly a brilliant light flares before you, revealing the form of a massive Dragon practically filling the space; it is the last you see before the flames roaring from the creatures mouth engulf you, and then there is only darkness…..

This is just a small part of the world of Dragon's Gate, though it may look like someplace you've been before, Dragon's Gate is unique unto itself and holds many surprises for you. Dragons Gate is a massive text based world of adventure role-playing where the action is nonstop 24 hours a day. Just a few of the things that make Dragon's Gate so unique in the adventure game role-playing community include:

• A dedicated and caring staff working 24 hours a day to make the game a better place for you.

• One of the VERY largest worlds of any RPG game, featuring over 12,000 total rooms and growing daily.

• A community of players and staff who pride themselves on their roleplaying.

• Dragons Gate offers 20 different race choices and 14 classes offering more variety than almost any game on the market.

• Dragons Gate allows you the chance to play Dragons!! In the world of Dgate, Dragons progress through different life stages from young humanoid like Dracos up to the massive full grown Dragons of fantasy lore.

• Dragons Gate allows ALL players to take part in scenarios and quests, we do not make people pay extra to enjoy what we consider the best part of the game, we just require a little motivation and creativity!

• Dragons Gate offers optional games and tournaments where players can compete against one another in massive team battles or one-on-one, utilizing the Spurian arena. These features are in addition to the rich and absorbing role-playing environment found in the Dragons Gate setting.